Monday, April 25, 2011

A lost love, Jovovich-Hawk

My favorite designers are the now long gone Jovovich-Hawk. Once I got my first "real" job I starte buying pieces here and there. I love their prairie/disco/boho/hippie/flapper vibe, it's very different from the stuff thats out there. Their pieces are whimsical and a bit costume-y, that's what I loved.

These are the first 2 pieces I bought on
The Vicky Dress

The Sissy Dress

These are pieces I've acquired through ebay
Rita Dress

The Flo Dress
This Dress took me 3 years of lusting to finally find and acquire. Now, I just have to get it a little taken in. I really cannot wait to wear it. I don't really have anywhere to wear it to in the next week, so I guess grocery shopping at trader joes will have to do.

Iggy Dress
I just got this one. It's made of wool and the weather in California does not warrant wool other than (maybe) December-February. So we'll see when I wear this. This is another piece I need to take in.

Fiona Top
I love the sleeves on this.

Daisy Blouse
I just won this on ebay.

At first they said they would put the brand on hiatus, but looks like it's most likely been put to bed. But maybe just maybe milla and carmen can come together after making movies and taking pictures and keep making beautiful clothes that I can spend my money on. Until then, I'll keep hunting on ebay.


  1. that daisy blouse is sooo pretty!

  2. This is a extreme long shot but I googled Jovovich Hawk and your blogged was a result of the search. I too loved the brand and bought the black and cream iggy mini dress. It was a size 2 and a little big so I had it taken in down the side seams therefore all care labels were removed. I recently washed it (I know it was probably dry clean only) and to my horror the colours ran; the cream turned to grey, I used a colour run remover and it has completely ruined the dress which I am devastated about so I was wondering if you still had your dress, what size it is and if you would be willing to sell it? If not do you have any suggestions as to where I might to be able to acquire one, I am looking on ebay everyday and have written to Milla Jovovich and the Jovovich Hawk distributors as I don't know what other direction to go in. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to hearing from you.


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