Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Long Way Down The Holiday Road

I've yearning for another southwest road trip, want to head out to Monument Valley. Hopefully it will be my first trip of 2016... here's hoping...

Cactus Saguaro Necklace
Cactus Necklace via moondreamer.us

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hello, Mr. Parker.

We had a wonderful time in Palm Springs (as always). This time we ventured outside of our comfort zone and decided to try breakfast at The Parker Palm Springs famed Normas, just down the road. It goes with out saying that the grounds at The Parker are gorgeous, it's very lush, and green. My only complaint is that the vibe isn't as laid back as it is as The Ace Hotel. If I had to describe the vibe at The Parker it would be trust fund bohemian,  but that's beside the point. Breakfast here is to die for. I had the crunchy french toast and Mr. Davis had the salmon benedict. I'm not a huge fan of french toast, but the plate here is now one of my favorite breakfast dishes. The french toast was moist, but not soggy, coated in caramel and rice krispys...yum.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hey! Let's Get Away

In less than a week we will be on our Palm Springs mini break. I already can't stop day dreaming about brunch and champagne at The Parker. Here's my brunch dream outfit compiled of mostly Wildfox Couture and Jeffrey Campbell platforms, the pink and mint are so dreamy. Until then here's to lounging by the pool with a margarita in hand at The Ace Hotel and Swim Club, just a few more days.


Hendrix Pants - Wildfox Couture,  Tate cutoff tank - Wildfox Couture, Prairie tank - WildfoxCouture,
Teal Foxy Platforms - Jeffrey Campbell, Straw hat - h&m, Starburst ring - House of Harlow 1960,
Necklace - Juicy Couture


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Star Crossed Lovers

I can't get enough of the Wildfox fall lookbook. It came out in June, but it's been way to hot here to post pictures of sweaters and pants until now. The collection is based on this alternate version of the 1997 Romeo and Juliet movie, but only this time the Star Crossed lovers, the Capulets and Montagues; and best friends who got away! A road trip through Italy, a 90’s extravaganza of Italian inspired clothing, a dream of roses and Cherubs, emerald green, gold, pink, turtlenecks, and giant, romantic plaid dresses! This is definitely bringing back some high school memories. 
Via Wildfox

Friday, April 6, 2012

Dry Clean Only


I have dry, thick hair, so I tend to wash my hair once to twice a week. Well, also I'm lazy and my hair takes forever to dry on it's own and it takes me about an hour to blow dry it, which is why I opt out of frequent washes. Although I have thick hair, the roots tend to get a bit oily after day 4, and why deny it the roots also get a bit smelly. But, I still really like how my hair looks when I don't wash it, so for all these reasons I have been on the hunt for the perfect dry shampoo for the last few years and have yet to find one that I actually like using. Here are some of the recent ones I've tried.