Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Leader of the pack

So... what do you take with you for a week in Savannah, GA? I'm terrible at packing I always over pack, always. No matter how hard I try not to, I think this time I'm doing pretty good. I'm taking my favorite jewelry with me, since I feel naked unless I'm wearing several pieces. Maybe I should pack more than just jewelry, either way I hope they have some good thrift stores, so I can come back with a few good pieces.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Twist and Shout

So, part of this weekend was spent looking for wedding dressing with a dear friend. Luckily she found her dress and we were able to celebrate that night indulging in my favorite activity, one which I both love and am horrible at... karaoke!!!! This night I horrified the patrons at analog, to the tune of The Beatles "Twist and Shout" in my mind I belt out the tune in an Aretha Franklin-esque voice and the audience loves it and breaks into a flash dance a la ferris bullers day off. Sadly that did not happen and as always I butchered the melody, while in my mind I rocked it. Here's pic:
Note how I'm "feelin'" the music in my soul while the people in the back look utterly bored.

A yummy mule always helps me make wise karaoke decisions.

Also I have taken to following/obsessing over The Man Repeller and here is the best I could come up with:
I wish I could wear this to work tomorrow.

Also this week I realized Liz Lemon and I have even more in common. We share a dream/fantasy where we are friends/besties/neighbors with Ina Garten the Barefoot Contessa.
See here

Friday, May 6, 2011

A Touch of Whimsy

After spending hours searching for pictures of the inside of the great pink sea snail, I found this:
The Nautilus shell house! This was built back in 2007 near Mexico City and is the next best thing (according to me) to living inside the sea snails shell. Mexican arquitecto Javier Senosiain wanted to make the owners feel as if they were living inside the shell of a snail. I think he may have been inside 8 year old me's head when coming up with this. Anyway I have decided this is the house I will purchase when I can afford to be an adult and buy a home.
Here are a few inside pics.

Apparently this home was commissioned by a couple who wanted to raise their children in a nature themed home... if only I could be their adult child and live with them.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm getting bugged driving up and down the same old strip

So... yesterday was somewhat uneventful, but I don't want to stop my posting groove, so here are some pictures of what I wore. This the jovovich-hawk for target dress (yes, yes, I'm obsessed with jovovich-hawk) I didn't buy it when the collection came out at target, because I was so disappointed in the low quality fabrics they used. Anyway a year later I saw this dress on a blog and fell in love with it. A year after that I was able to find it on ebay for $10, but in a size 13. Not wanting to pass it up I bough it and took to my tailor and he transformed it into a size 5. I think it makes me look a little top heavy, but no matter. I still think it looks cute. I hope we're able to do something fun today.

We had to take a picture of this snail perched on the stem of a flower. I've always liked snails, but ever since we've started growing veggies in our backyard I'm not liking them so much since they try to eat all of the lettuce. Anyway here's a snail I've always loved from the original Dr. Doolittle with the always lovely Rex Harrison. I wanted to live inside its shell like they did at then end of the movie, it looked so pink and whimsical.

...And here are some pictures I took of Cliff with my phone, while he took pictures of me. He's so silly.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jackson, Johnston and Roe

I just discovered their spring 2011 collection... and their designs in general. Here are a few pieces I would love take with me on trips to vegas and palm springs. Their nearest retailer is in San Fran and they haven't set up their online shop yet. Still, I'm determined to own a few of these outfits.

Images jackson, johnston and roe by Eric Kvatek

and here's palm springs and the ace hotel.... I can't wait 'till august!