Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I want it Now!

There are so many pretty clothes out there right now, here are a few from American Gold, tba and Winter Kate, that I want to add to my closet.

The SS 2011 American Gold line. I like that their inspired by indian summers, sleeping under the stars at joshua tree and flea markets. I'm a sucker for American Gold, here are my favorites.
Voodoo You Do Dress
Factory Girl Dress
Girl of my Dreams

Kind Hearted Woman Kimono

images from American Gold/Spanish Moss

Another part of me loves and secretly wants to be Wendy Darling, which is what tba-to be adored is all about.
These pieces are from the Spring/Summer 2011 Collection, except for the sofia dress which is from a few collections back, but is absolutely gorgeous. I love peter pan collars, I would buy a an empty can of coca-cola if it was wearing a peter pan collar.
Sofia Dress
I want this so bad, of course its out of stock.

Mira Dress

Moon Dress

Cibelle Tunic

Images from tba(to be adored)

Last is the Winter Kate opy jacket that I had my hands on, but decided not to buy. It was on sale!!!
Now, I regret my decision, but it's sold out everywhere except for ebay where it's going for $300. Ugh! I'll wait a few months and maybe prices will go down, pretty please?

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