Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Fair is a Veritable Smorgasbord

Ever since going to the fair earlier this week I have not been able to get that Charlotte's Web song out of my head. You know the one the goose sings, to convince Templeton the rat to go to the fair. I had to watch the clip of the song on youtube and now I'm singing the whole song over and over in my head. So, we went to the San Diego County fair on Friday and although I didn't ride any rides (I'm too scared). I did stuff my face, corn dogs, cherry lemonade, ice cream in a waffle cone...chocolate covered bacon. I was a tad disappointed in the chocolate covered bacon. I thought they would take a slab of bacon and dip it in chocolate, but the chocolate to bacon ration was all wrong, too much chocolate, not enough bacon. It just ended up tasting like salty chocolate. Although I didn't ride the rides I took tons of pictures of them, especially the ferris wheel. The ferris wheel terrifies me, but I find it so visually entrancing. I rode a ferris wheel once a while back, I started to have a panic attack and had to be taken off after the first turn. I think It's time for a second attempt, I plan to go to the Ventura County Fair in early August and once again try to conquer my fear. Anyway, I went a little picture crazy, but I love all the colors at the fair, so I couldn't help myself.

Me candy shop looking up
Yoyo light burst2
Me front of carusel
Evolution ride
Carusel horse
Me lemon aid stand
me candy shoppe
Ferris wheel
Me surfing icecream cone
yoyo swing
Me gingerbread house
ferris wheel half
chocolate covered bacon
(Chocolate Covered Bacon)

...And now the pics I took with my phone.
me standing crowd
(Well Except for this one. I couldn't have taken this picture.)
Pink Elephants
Me elbows up
Carusel Bear
yoyo swing
Balloon game
Cliff stuffed animals
color photo booth
Carusel swing


  1. hey miriam! what kind of lens does cliff use?

  2. Love these pictures! Such an amazing blog babe, would you like to follow each other? love, m.


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