Saturday, July 9, 2011

Clouds Up

It's no secret that I'm petrified of the ferris wheel, but my huge fear only intensifies my love of them. Love, in the sense that I love their aesthetic, their colors and their continuous round movement. I hope that this summer I can get over my fear and ride the ferris wheel once agin. Any who, here are some more pictures of the ferris wheel at that San Diego County fair.
Ferris wheel colors2
Ferris wheel sun ray
Ferris wheel colors
Ferris wheel blue
Ferris wheel storm
Yoyo Light burst

The Fair at sunset.

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  1. I'm kind of scared of ferris wheels too but I still ride them. That sky flyer looks really fun. Is it like a double swing?

  2. super cool snaps!! i hate ferris wheels!!!! always scared im gonna get stuck all the way at the top hehe! xx

  3. amazing photos! i follow you :)

  4. These photos are lovely, i like the ones with the candy coloured tent tops!


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