Sunday, May 8, 2011

Twist and Shout

So, part of this weekend was spent looking for wedding dressing with a dear friend. Luckily she found her dress and we were able to celebrate that night indulging in my favorite activity, one which I both love and am horrible at... karaoke!!!! This night I horrified the patrons at analog, to the tune of The Beatles "Twist and Shout" in my mind I belt out the tune in an Aretha Franklin-esque voice and the audience loves it and breaks into a flash dance a la ferris bullers day off. Sadly that did not happen and as always I butchered the melody, while in my mind I rocked it. Here's pic:
Note how I'm "feelin'" the music in my soul while the people in the back look utterly bored.

A yummy mule always helps me make wise karaoke decisions.

Also I have taken to following/obsessing over The Man Repeller and here is the best I could come up with:
I wish I could wear this to work tomorrow.

Also this week I realized Liz Lemon and I have even more in common. We share a dream/fantasy where we are friends/besties/neighbors with Ina Garten the Barefoot Contessa.
See here


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