Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm getting bugged driving up and down the same old strip

So... yesterday was somewhat uneventful, but I don't want to stop my posting groove, so here are some pictures of what I wore. This the jovovich-hawk for target dress (yes, yes, I'm obsessed with jovovich-hawk) I didn't buy it when the collection came out at target, because I was so disappointed in the low quality fabrics they used. Anyway a year later I saw this dress on a blog and fell in love with it. A year after that I was able to find it on ebay for $10, but in a size 13. Not wanting to pass it up I bough it and took to my tailor and he transformed it into a size 5. I think it makes me look a little top heavy, but no matter. I still think it looks cute. I hope we're able to do something fun today.

We had to take a picture of this snail perched on the stem of a flower. I've always liked snails, but ever since we've started growing veggies in our backyard I'm not liking them so much since they try to eat all of the lettuce. Anyway here's a snail I've always loved from the original Dr. Doolittle with the always lovely Rex Harrison. I wanted to live inside its shell like they did at then end of the movie, it looked so pink and whimsical.

...And here are some pictures I took of Cliff with my phone, while he took pictures of me. He's so silly.


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  1. what is it with you and stefi making up words right and left. Bugged? although I guess its better than stefi's "brooming."
    hahahaha. It makes sense you're sisters.


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