Friday, April 6, 2012

Dry Clean Only


I have dry, thick hair, so I tend to wash my hair once to twice a week. Well, also I'm lazy and my hair takes forever to dry on it's own and it takes me about an hour to blow dry it, which is why I opt out of frequent washes. Although I have thick hair, the roots tend to get a bit oily after day 4, and why deny it the roots also get a bit smelly. But, I still really like how my hair looks when I don't wash it, so for all these reasons I have been on the hunt for the perfect dry shampoo for the last few years and have yet to find one that I actually like using. Here are some of the recent ones I've tried.

1. Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder Dry Shampoo - You choses the color that is closest to your hair, brown, blond and black and spray away. This stuff is deceiving, it's a powder that comes out as a brown spray and paints your hair while at the same time absorbing the oil. This product get a big THUMBS DOWN. First off since the aerosol powder comes out as brown, the brown stuff gets on everything, your clothes, your face, your fingers, it's messy. It leaves your roots stiff and really you can only use it when you have your hair slicked back in a bun or a pony tail. It doesn't leve your roots a strange whitish color, like other dry shampoos. While their attempt at matching the spray to your hair is good in theory, in reality the powder rubs off on your fingers whenever you touch your hair and also gets on your face and clothes.  To top it off its $35. Also did I mention the stuff comes out brown and gets on everything? Everything! 

2. TIGI Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo - Smells great, but you have to brush it out of your hair and cause my already dry hair to get tangled. Also you only get about two uses out of the product (if your lucky), because it ran out after I used it once. What a waste.

3. Big Sexy Hair Dry Shampoo - By far my least favorite. You spray it onto your roots, leave it on for a few minutes white it turn into this brittle clay then brush it out. This stuff left my roots brittle, hard and unmanageable and then I you have to brush it out. This did nothing more than tangle my hair and leave the roots brittle (even though I brushed them out). It does strip the roots of oil, but by then you just want to wash the muck of your hair.

4. TRESemme Fresh Start Waterless Foam Shampoo - The cheapest ($4) and easiest to use. It comes out as a foam you massage into your roots and hair. You blot excess off with a towel and viola! Well, not really. It's easy to put on and take off, but the foam still leaves hair a little oily (maybe the foam is too thin to absorb properly?) Also, it's doesn't do a great job at taking care of the odor dirty hair tends to get.

So, no I still haven't found a product that works for me. Please share if you have tried one that works for you.


  1. This was really interesting! I don't wash my hair too often either and I always wanted to try dry shampoo. If you happen to find a great one, please post about it! :)

    Love, Susann
    Fashion in Pepperland

  2. I feel your pain lady! I only try to wash my hair 2 times a week - tops. So far, the tresemme dry shampoo is my favorite. But it's not ideal. Curious to see if you find something better! There has to be something...

  3. I'm with you, I have thick hair also! It's too much work for cleaning and drying all the time! I just bought the Redken dry shampoo and it's great! Try it.. It's just a bit expensive.

  4. What a story haha! Great. I have very thick hair myself too, and also curls. Mine is always dry and fluffy. I wash it about 3 or four times a week. I use a shampoo with aloé vera. It's a miracle product because your hair gets very soft and also less dry! So you should look for a shampoo and conditioner with aloé vera and maybe that works? Much Love!

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  8. Great thanks i have similar hair this is really useful X


  9. I am jealous of your thick hair! I love the dry shampoos - perfect for those lazy days :)


  10. I use the Tresemme dry shampoo and love it! I have thick hair too, plus I'm super lazy, so I love me some dry shampoo

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  12. I've been looking into dry shampoos as well. I've considered buying the one from LUSH. I've heard good reviews about it. I've also heard positive things about the Tresemme dry shampoo. Please do give an update if you end up finding one that you love :)


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