Sunday, June 19, 2011

Vegas vacation

Cliff and I like to go to vegas eat and take in the heat by the pool once a year. It was time for our 2nd wedding anniversary (Yay!) so we decided to spend it in vegas :) Unfortunately I didn't bring my camera, because I had loaned it to my little brother and didn't get it back before we left. Cliff had his nice camera, but refused to lug it around... so all I had was my phone.
Our only blurry picture from our anniversary dinner at Bouchon.
I wore my favorite Jovovich-Hawk dress.

My favorite Pic of the strip, courtesy of my phone

You can't take pictures inside of the Love theater, but here are some pics of the wall on the outside of the theater. I had never seen the Love show and it absolutely blew me away. I couldn't stop smiling and laughing, other than when I was crying (of course I cried). Only because the show was so beautiful and at the end when they played "all you need is love" the flood gates opened. The only thing that made the show that more amazing was watching it with my lovie. I can't wait to see it again next year.

The following day we wandered through the Bellagio and they had an Americana theme in their garden. I loved it, it was a 4th of July Fair and I love the fair, except for the rides. The rides scare me and I wont ride them. I rode the ferris wheel once last year, I began to have a panic attack as we reached the top, I the ride mechanic stop the ride so I could get off after the first round down. So, yeah. I don't ride carnival rides.


  1. All of those photos are so lovely! Vegas looks like such a magical place, I can't wait to go there some day. My favorites are the photos of the carousel. Keep up the great posts :)


  2. Oh, and congratulations on your 2 year anniversary! :)


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